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Ready or Not


READY OR NOT is an outstanding collection of information that can provide financial security in these times of uncertainty. Our children are approaching their 40’s; we have attempted to convey what is required to reach security in years past…hopefully your book will stir the need to save now for happiness in the coming years.”
—Dave & Joyce, North Carolina

READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is an excellent adjunct and take away to any retirement planning seminar. Great resource for information regardless of your age and whether you are nearing retirement, particularly if you are close to folks who are retired or planning to retire and need your assistance or guidance.”
—Gina Acri, Marketing, Director, Diversified Investment Advisors

“Whether you are 40, 50, or 60 plus, READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is an excellent introduction to the issues of retirement. It’s an easy read that can help you formulate questions before you schedule a meeting with a financial planner, accountant or an attorney to discuss your retirement. The information about Social Security and Medicare is up to date and written in plain English.”
—Sandra Alexander, Benefits Manager, The Syracuse Newspapers

READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is a fantastic resource. We have been using this as an introduction on the issues of retirement in our Planning For The Future seminars at Clemson University since the mid 1980’s. It is easy to read and just an excellent comprehensive guide to our employees of all ages!”
—Frances C. Holliday Human Resource Manager Clemson University

“Over the past 25 years we’ve been conducting pre-retirement classes using a variety of informational workbooks. We find the READY OR NOT book to be the best. Its reader friendly format encourages our participants to follow important retirement issues with real interest. It’s a resource they refer to frequently.”
—Robert M. Hirt, Employee Relations Coordinator Boise Building Solutions

“Thank you for providing the best retirement material I’ve seen in the 16 years that I’ve been involved in pre-retirement education. I highly recommend READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE to all who plan to retire. READY OR NOT is an absolute necessity for continued home study for participants in all my seminars.”
—Phyllis C. Gardner, Associates in pre-retirement Education

“The New York State United Teachers has successfully used the READY OR NOT pre-retirement booklet for well over 10 years. Our trainers and program participants have found the booklet to be both informative and user friendly.”
—Robert I. Allen, Director of Field Services, New York State United Teachers

READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is an excellent, comprehensive guide. Not only do we keep it handy for everyone who comes into our office to prepare for retirement, but also for our personnel —anyone can benefit from the broad spectrum of information it contains. Easy to read and user-friendly with its checkboxes and simple worksheets, READY OR NOT is an invaluable planning resource.”
—Joann E. Flaminio, Executive Director, Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island

READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE gives you the tools and resources to plan and pursue your ideal retirement. It puts you in touch with the most critical retirement issues, then guides you to personally approach each one. This is more than a book to read —it is a tool to use. We have been providing READY OR NOT to our members for 15 years.”
—Purvis Collins, Director, South Carolina Retirement Systems

“The READY OR NOT workbook is a wonderful working tool and a major contribution to the success of our Retirement Planning Program.”
—Robert Geller, Vice Pres. of Human Resources, Kessler Inst. For Rehabilitation

READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is a fantastic resource. Our employees enjoy the worksheets and clear presentations on everything from housing and money to second careers, health concerns, and lifestyle changes. I consider it a must read for people of ANY age.”
—Amy Yamane, Benefits Administrator, Litton Aero Products

“We chose READY OR NOT,YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE to give to our Credit Union members who are signing up for direct deposit of their pension or Social Security checks, because it provides such a comprehensive planning guide for retirement. Our members are especially grateful when they can receive this type of information.”
—Grace Herbst, Marketing Manager, Dearborn Federal Credit Union

“The READY OR NOT handbook eases the transition between work and retirement and prepares you for the psychological, social and financial adjustments you will face. The READY OR NOT handbook reviews financial planning, Social Security, legal concerns, consumer education, health and lifestyles, leisure and volunteer activities. We have found it to be an indispensable resource in our seminars for over the past 6 years.”
—Government Retirement & Benefits, Inc.

“As the largest credit union in the State of Florida we strive to provide our members with the best information and services. READY OR NOT, YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is the best publication we have found to help our members prepare to face the psychological, social and financial adjustments of retirement. READY OR NOT is an enlightening, enjoyable, easy to read and viable part of our program. Our members who receive the book appreciate it and thank us many times for providing it.”
—Bonnie Miller, Marketing Director, Suncoast Federal Credit Union

promote yourself


PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is a weapon in the fight to improve everyday English…clear, sturdy chapters.”
—The Wall Street Journal

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR will assist people of all ages in building their writing and grammar skills — skills essential to the world of education and communications.”
—Paul Crotty, Verizon Group President, New York & Connecticut

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is ideal for students, parents, and in business as a handy reference. …to communicate ideas effectively…begins with the power of the printed word, the essence of PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar.”
—Dennis Swanson, President and General Manager, WNBC

“In preparing students for state competency tests, PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR has been a wonderful asset. I highly recommend this book.”
—Mrs. Erika Beadle, Memphis City Schools

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR has been a Godsend to our organization. It is now a part of our personnel policy for every employee to have this book. It is an essential tool; our staff uses it in their correspondence, while students use it as the text book in our after school homework and ESL programs.”
—Gregory du Sablon, Executive Director, Yonkers YMCA

“Everyone — students, parents, or business employees — can benefit from PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR. Prospects for advancement both in school and in your career have always improved when you are able to express yourself clearly.”
—Kevin Cacace, President, Yonkers Chamber of Commerce

“I find that the PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is the best tool for helping the students in my remedial classes, in their first year of the writing program, achieve a level of writing they need to move on to regular college level writing.“When teaching the upper level writing classes, I use PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR for individual students who have not mastered college level skills.“I recommend the PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR book for all who want to improve their writing skills.”
—Bonnie Miller, Part-time adjunct professor, University of Tampa and University of South Florida

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is an excellent tool for students to improve their English skills. Students find this book easy to navigate and teachers find it comprehensive and complete.“A student can easily use the book independently; the answer key is self-correcting. Ample examples are given to practice and master each skill. The explanations and exercises that follow are very clear and challenging.”
—Tina Longo, Assistant Director of Professional Development, Yonkers Public School

Twelve-time Winner of the National Mature Media Awards: READY OR NOT YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE


Riverdale Press

Find Key to Success: It’s Grammar

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR started over lunch between James J. McFadden and Theodore Kheel, a close friend and fellow Riverdalian. They were discussing education when, as usual, Mr. McFadden became inspired.

With so many jobs relying upon workers’ communication skills these days, he reasoned, and with educational standards leaving so much to be desired, there is one subject that needs improvement across the board: grammar.

And he was off.

Mr. McFadden assembled an all-star team including Mr. Kheel’s Workforce Distance Learning Foundation, and Verizon and WNBC got on board. Moonlighters from publishing houses and schools were hired, and Mr. McFadden and his daughter Elizabeth buried themselves in grammar books.

After about six months of 24-7 work, most of which was done by Elizabeth McFadden, her father says, the book was released.

The book in booklet form is divided into 26 concise chapters, beginning with parts of speech, moving on to parts of the sentence and concluding with five chapters on writing. Each chapter includes practice questions, and there is advice on writing a proper business letter and avoiding common mistakes in usage.

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR attracted immediate interest from educational institutions, including St. John’s University, which snapped it up for use in remedial freshman English classes, and the City University of New York, which will use the book in its tutoring programs.

The book is not just for students, however. It’s for anyone whose grammar needs touching up: businessmen, teachers, lawyers, and administrative assistants—all people who must express themselves clearly to make a living.