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promote yourself
PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is a weapon in the fight to improve everyday English…clear, sturdy chapters.”
—The Wall Street Journal

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR will assist people of all ages in building their writing and grammar skills — skills essential to the world of education and communications.”
—Paul Crotty, Verizon Group President, New York & Connecticut

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is ideal for students, parents, and in business as a handy reference. …to communicate ideas effectively…begins with the power of the printed word, the essence of PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar.”
—Dennis Swanson, President and General Manager, WNBC

“In preparing students for state competency tests, PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR has been a wonderful asset. I highly recommend this book.”
—Mrs. Erika Beadle, Memphis City Schools

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR has been a Godsend to our organization. It is now a part of our personnel policy for every employee to have this book. It is an essential tool; our staff uses it in their correspondence, while students use it as the text book in our after school homework and ESL programs.”
—Gregory du Sablon, Executive Director, Yonkers YMCA

“Everyone — students, parents, or business employees — can benefit from PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR. Prospects for advancement both in school and in your career have always improved when you are able to express yourself clearly.”
—Kevin Cacace, President, Yonkers Chamber of Commerce

“I find that the PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is the best tool for helping the students in my remedial classes, in their first year of the writing program, achieve a level of writing they need to move on to regular college level writing.“When teaching the upper level writing classes, I use PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR for individual students who have not mastered college level skills.“I recommend the PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR book for all who want to improve their writing skills.”
—Bonnie Miller, Part-time adjunct professor, University of Tampa and University of South Florida

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR is an excellent tool for students to improve their English skills. Students find this book easy to navigate and teachers find it comprehensive and complete.“A student can easily use the book independently; the answer key is self-correcting. Ample examples are given to practice and master each skill. The explanations and exercises that follow are very clear and challenging.”
—Tina Longo, Assistant Director of Professional Development, Yonkers Public School

The Riverdale Press, December

Elizabeth McFadden gave up a successful career as a telecommunications specialist to help take care of her seriously ill mother and, at the same time, help manage MEI Publishing Inc.

As part of her new work, she assisted in publishing READY OR NOT, a retirement planning guide and the nation’s most popular publication on retirement. Now she is the editor of the book. Under Elizabeth’s direction, READY OR NOT YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE rolls off the presses each January completely updated with information, ideas and suggestions on retirement issues of concern to everyone. Customers who have subscribed repeatedly over many years are some of America’s leading educational institutions, hospitals and pension funds.Several years ago, with the sponsorship of Verizon and WNBC, Elizabeth assembled a team of grammar specialists to produce a new publication entitled PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR.

PROMOTE YOURSELF is designed to help everyone improve their grammar usage. It benefits students in the preparation of essays and reports, parents who want to help their children with homework and those in the business world.

A woman of many interests and abilities, Elizabeth now has some new accomplishments to add to her record of achievement, this time in the field of housing. After years of litigation, the Federal Court has finally authorized the construction of Yonkers Green, an affordable home-ownership housing development which has been sponsored by St. Joseph’s Church. Elizabeth is the co-developer of these much-needed additional homes.

Elizabeth was graduated from Regis College with a major in History. She has continued her study in this discipline through reading and research and was President of the Crestwood Historical Society and a Trustee of the Yonkers Historical Society. She extends a warm welcome to anyone who loves local history, wants to learn about the great city in which they live, and would like to meet interesting people.

An avid skier and swimmer, Elizabeth has also been a volunteer lifeguard. Certified by the Yonkers Y, she has given her services as a lifeguard for the past ten summers. She shares her passion for swimming with children and, for more than two decades, has taught countless youngsters the joy of swimming.

Each year, the Business Professional Award is presented to a woman who has not only achieved her business goals, but has served as a mentor encouraging others to reach for their goals. As evidence of this, Elizabeth volunteers on the Advisory Committee at the Elm Street After School Program, helping young people reach success in the future by making good choices in the present. In addition, she has mentored a number of professionals, both men and women, empowering them to reach beyond their current status and achieve higher levels of success in their respective professions. All this is done, not as part of her professional responsibilities, but rather through the friendships she develops as she quietly goes about her everyday life.

Riverdale Press

Find Key to Success: It’s Grammar

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR started over lunch between James J. McFadden and Theodore Kheel, a close friend and fellow Riverdalian. They were discussing education when, as usual, Mr. McFadden became inspired.

With so many jobs relying upon workers’ communication skills these days, he reasoned, and with educational standards leaving so much to be desired, there is one subject that needs improvement across the board: grammar.

And he was off.

Mr. McFadden assembled an all-star team including Mr. Kheel’s Workforce Distance Learning Foundation, and Verizon and WNBC got on board. Moonlighters from publishing houses and schools were hired, and Mr. McFadden and his daughter Elizabeth buried themselves in grammar books.

After about six months of 24-7 work, most of which was done by Elizabeth McFadden, her father says, the book was released.

The book in booklet form is divided into 26 concise chapters, beginning with parts of speech, moving on to parts of the sentence and concluding with five chapters on writing. Each chapter includes practice questions, and there is advice on writing a proper business letter and avoiding common mistakes in usage.

PROMOTE YOURSELF WITH BETTER GRAMMAR attracted immediate interest from educational institutions, including St. John’s University, which snapped it up for use in remedial freshman English classes, and the City University of New York, which will use the book in its tutoring programs.

The book is not just for students, however. It’s for anyone whose grammar needs touching up: businessmen, teachers, lawyers, and administrative assistants—all people who must express themselves clearly to make a living.