Custom Covers

MEI Publishing Inc. can add personalization to your READY OR NOT book order. What many companies like is our ability to custom-print a special cover for the READY OR NOT retirement planning book.

A nice touch is to add a personal letter on the inside front cover, stating your mission or your hopes for the people who will use the book. This makes it the perfect tool to give to your employees, members or clients: it’s not only sound, proven, useful advice—it’s clearly meant especially for them. Scroll down to see three examples below.

The following are just a few of the custom covers we have printed. Would you like to have your message to be on the next cover? Wouldn’t that go a long way toward improving employee morale and retention?

Sample Letter 1: Association
Sample Letter 2: Credit Union
Sample Letter 3: HR Department
Sample Letter 1: Association

Dear Member:

The ________ Association is extremely proud to provide you with the READY OR NOT retirement planning hand book.

This pre-retirement handbook has been designed to provide you with information on financial planning, Social Security, legal matters, Medicare benefits, your health and many other important topics necessary for planning a successful and rewarding future.

We have included sections unique to our members explaining the pension systems, rough calculations of your pension and the procedures to be followed once you have decided to retire.

None of the information given is intended to replace the advice of qualified professionals in the various fields. It is intended solely to help you organize the vast information and assist you in planning a successful retirement and future.

I want to stress the importance of planning for the future now. Many of us wait too long to plan for the day that each and every one will face. I am confident that the information contained in this booklet will help to make you aware of the need to begin planning your retirement now. This book will offer you invaluable guidance as your retirement planning progresses.

A good part of our lives will be spent in retirement with our families. This is a time we all look forward to, therefore, it is extremely important for you to prepare for retirement.

The [organization] is always working hard to serve you better.

Sincerely and fraternally yours,
President, ________

Sample Letter 2: Credit Union

Dear Members:

The decision to retire is an important, and sometimes difficult one. Fortunately, you have taken an important first step towards making informed, knowledgeable decisions about your future by attending this retirement education program.

To help make the transition to retirement even easier, we present this book, READY OR NOT YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE. It is full of useful information about health, financial planning, housing in retirement, leisure activities, and many other topics important to future retirees. I encourage you to take this book home and discuss these topics with your family, because retirement not only affects you, but also the people close to you.

READY OR NOT YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE is written for future retirees from both the public and private sector. Therefore, some of the information is general, particular that covering pensions and health benefits. Be sure to refer to ________ publications if you have questions about your pension or the ________ Health Benefits Program. If in doubt, please write or call us. Information on how to reach us is on the inside back cover.

I wish you a long enjoyable retirement full of all the best life has to offer. As always, the ________ is available to answer any questions about your retirement benefits because, READY OR NOT, retirement is right around the corner.

Director, ________

Sample Letter 3: HR Department

Dear Fellow Employee,

Planning for the future is not an age or gender based activity. Each of us owes it to ourselves and our families to plan for our "golden years." Although retirement may seem years away, it is not to early to give the subject serious consideration.

A financially secure retirement, rich in memories, doesn’t happen by chance. Enjoying life after retirement happens as a result of implementing a good financial plan.

Our employee benefit package provides a fine place to start your planning process. But as good as our program is, it cannot replace the individual planning each of us must do.

That’s why you are receiving a copy of READY OR NOT YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING GUIDE. I hope you share this information with your family and other trusted advisors. I encourage you to take the time to complete the worksheets, consider your options and then develop and implement your plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Pension and Insurance department.