Promote Yourself with Better Grammar

Promote Yourself with Better GrammarIt’s a fact: People who communicate well, do better in every facet of life.

PROMOTE YOURSELF with Better Grammar is a simple yet powerful way to improve your English grammar and communication skills.

Whether you’re a student about to enter the job market, a parent returning to the workforce, English as a Second Language, or hoping to change careers or advance in your career, this workbook could be the best investment you’ll ever make for your future.

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If You Don’t Come in Sunday…Don’t Come in Monday

American labor historyThe title of this DVD concisely expresses the prevailing conditions as workers in the late 1800’s dared to fight for a shorter work week.

The documentary provides an excellent opportunity to understand the historic struggle of workers to organize in order to gain dignity and respect in the workplace. It tells the story in photographs, documents and historical footage and covers major events in American labor history.

Great for everyone: Apprentice Programs, Union Library, Union Hall, Libraries and Universities. It makes for an ideal refresher course for those already acquainted with contributions of the laboring men and women of the U.S. and the excellent basis of understanding for students and workers who are unaware of their legacy of labor.


Ready or Not: Your Retirement Planning Guide

Ready or Not - Your Retirement Planning GuideThis practical guide will help you prepare for a satisfying and comfortable retirement. Besides encouraging you to save, this book helps you make the sometimes difficult and confusing choices concerning when, where and how to retire.

While many books limit the discussion of retirement to financial and legal issues, this workbook also explores physical and psychological issues. Early chapters explore saving for retirement, retirement benefits, estate planning, health insurance and the use of credit. Later content focuses on topics such as becoming a grandparent and what to do with increased free time.

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